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LED street lamps use

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1, now a single LED street lamp power is low. In order to obtain the high power, also need to use in parallel.

2, the color is low. The color of the color displayed under the LED street lamp is no incandescent lamp, which is from the distribution of the spectrum, which belongs to the technical problem..

3, the spot. Because of the defects of the white LED lamp itself, and the error of the reflection cup or lens, it is easy to cause the yellow circle problem..

4, LED street lamp irradiation uniformity problem. If the two optical design is not carried out, and the LED irradiation is more concentrated, we must carry out the two optical design, it can make the intensity distribution of bat shaped.

Light problem 5, now LED street. But compared to small power LED, now high power LED lamp light will be much better. But the small power LED heat emission is small. And the power of the LED is the problem that there is no way to solve the heat, and the brightness will be significantly reduced after fever, so power can not be bigger. Now the biggest LED Spark street lamp is 360W.


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